Elaine Harman

Boston, MA


With seventeen years in the industry, I have an exceptionally deep understanding of web user interfaces. My expertise is architecting elegant, scalable, and maintainable JavaScript infrastructures for high-end rich web apps. I’m on the hunt for a team that is challenging, supportive, innovative, relentlessly self-improving, has outrageous integrity, and above all: fun!

Skills, Tools, and Software


Senior Developer at AudienceScience (Bellevue, WA: remote)

Mar 2014 — Jan 2017

Ampersand, AJAX, Browserify, CSS Modules, ES5, ES6/7, Express, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Joi, jsdom, JSON, Less, Lodash, Mocha, mySQL, Nightwatch, Node, React, Redux Form, ReST, Selenium, single page application, Stash, tape

As Senior Developer on the UI team I led two separate implementations of AudienceScience’s multi-part web application, which allowed users to manage every aspect of their digital advertising campaigns. One implementation was a Node/Express, Browserify, Ampersand (ES5), and Less stack, and the second was a Node/Express, Webpack, React/ReduxForm (ES6/7), and CSS Modules stack.

Key responsibilities included:

Lead Web Developer at The Cozi Group, Inc. (Seattle, WA: remote)

Jun 2008 — Jan 2013

AJAX, Cheetah, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JSON, mySQL, Python, ReST, Underscore

As UI Lead, I led a team of UI developers focused on Cozi’s flagship web application, a suite of family organizational tools. The tools included a sophisticated calendar, journal, family message board, birthday tracker, shopping and to do lists, and so on. The JavaScript web app was implemented using a homegrown MVP framework, modular jQuery UI widgets, and CSS.

Key responsibilities included:

Senior UI Developer at Wetpaint, Inc. (Seattle, WA)

Jun 2007 — Jun 2008

AJAX, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JSTL, jQuery, mySQL, ReST, Struts, Tiles, XML

Wetpaint’s wiki application was a ReSTful Java web application using XML for data transport. The user interface integrated with the middle tier using JSTL, custom tags and tiles. The UI was rendered intelligently to maximize SEO, and manipulated by JavaScript to support a cutting edge user experience.

Key responsibilities included:

Technical Lead/Senior UI Developer at The Cobalt Group (Seattle, WA)

Apr 2001 — Jun 2007

AJAX, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL, SQL, ReST, Servlets, Struts, XML

As Technical Lead on the Product UI team, I led development of Cobalt’s primary web application: a sophisticated content management tool for auto dealers and OEM websites. The team was located in Seattle, Austin, TX and Bangalore, India. The CMS was implemented in a blend of Java, XML, JSP technologies (e.g. JSTL, Jakarta Struts tags), asynchronous data transfers, and cross-browser JavaScript and CSS.

Key responsibilities included:

Instructor, Web Scripting at South Seattle Community College (Seattle, WA)


Designed, wrote and taught a 10-week advanced JavaScript/DHTML class, for advanced students in the College’s Web Program.

Web Developer at Hornall Anderson Design Works (Seattle, WA)

Jan 2001 — Feb 2001

Web Developer at Luminant Worldwide (Seattle, WA)

Feb 2000 — Nov 2000


B.S. in Computer Science, The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA)